Berlino non è solo una città

berlin, berlin.bmp

Nehemias Colindres l’autore di questo breve filmato che racconta in sintesi ciò che è l’universo chiamato Berlino, prova a regalarci una poetica rappresentazione della città attraverso il racconto. Le immagini coordinate alle parole creano un forte impatto emotivo tipico della narrazione.

Berlino, una delle capitali più discusse e meta di tanti giovani provenienti da ogni parte del mondo, non è soltanto un luogo fisico, ma riesce a trasformarsi in qualcosa di immateriale capace di raccogliere in sé i sogni, le idee, le aspettative di un’intera generazione.

“a poetic visualization of a city’s manifesto”

BERLIN, BERLIN – A poetic visualization of a city’s manifesto

Director: Nehemias Colindres
DoP: Stephan Fallucchi
Producer: Alexis Delanoue
Editor/VO: Oliver Strumpf
Music: Billy Davis
Colorgrading: Benedikt Hugendubel @Slaughterhouse Berlin
Titles: Shelley Lui
Styling: Antoniya Ivanova
Poem/text: Berlin, Berlin by Nehemias Colindres
Additional photography (protest): Alex Hill

Il testo:

Berlin, Berlin
di Nehemias Colindres

Like any other day
It is the fleeting moments that we remember
What is it that binds us to this place?
We come to this city
Each with hopes, dreams and fears
What’s been left behind is no more
Today we start anew
We are the loved and the misguided
Aspirations are what brings us
Harsh realities are what awaits
Who will I become
Where will I be
In this vast city it is easy to blend in
Even easier to feel alone
Try and see past the forest
Find your kingdom
Fight the good fight
Losing yourself is the only way
Look around you
Listen to the whispers
As that light gets brighter
Know that it burns for you
Know that you don’t stand-alone
We struggle to find our balance
We run thru with our heads in the clouds
Our hearts are wild
We search for meaning
Here we are sleep deprived and hungry
Waiting for fate to knock
As the city breathes life into us
We find our clarity
We know that today is not like any other day



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